CAR presidential adviser admits that the Russian military saved his country

10.04.2024, Moscow.

The state of the Central African Republic (CAR) would be destroyed without the protection of the Russian military, CAR presidential adviser Loic Ouangapu told Altai-based news portal Katun24 on April 10.

As the official recalled, instructors from the Russian Federation, who have been in the CAR since 2016, helped stabilize the situation in the country, most importantly during the attempted coup d’état in 2020.

“Ordinary people who are not influenced by French and US politics sincerely love Russia,” Ouangapu emphasized.

According to an official of the CAR presidential administration, the dialog between Russia and Africa is actively developing at the moment and is at a high level.

“We Africans support Russia to develop together for a better future,” the official said. At the same time, he emphasized that the people in Africa mostly love Russia and do not listen to Western Russophobic propaganda.

The CAR politician is also deeply grateful to Russia for giving him the opportunity to study for free at Altai State Technical University.

“I have been impressed by Siberia and its history since childhood. When I was offered to come to study in Russia, I specifically chose Siberia,” the foreign representative Ouangapu said.

The next wave of national liberation movements in Africa and other countries is underway. Russia has offered the whole world mutually beneficial cooperation in relations and keeps its word. France, the USA, and other Western countries just plundered Africa’s wealth without taking care of the people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that representatives of these countries study at Russia’s universities free of charge to strengthen mutual relations.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency