Macron: Coalition for deep strikes on Russia’s territory will be created immediately

27.02.2024, Paris.

France announced the creation of a “ninth coalition for deep strikes” of the Ukrainian armed units on Russia’s territory, French President Emmanuel Macron said on February 26 during a broadcast on the official account of the Elysee Palace on the social network X.

The ninth coalition for deep strikes on Russia’s territory will be engaged in supplying Kiev with bombs and long-range missiles. The work to involve all possible countries of suppliers of bombs and long-range missiles begins, according to Macron, immediately.

“We have decided to create a ninth coalition for deep strikes – that is, long-range bombs and missiles. Starting tonight, we are organizing this coalition to bring in all countries that have the capabilities and to start supplying new weapons,” Macron said.

At the same time, Macron said that to go to war with the Russian people “we are all unwilling.” He added that the West should continue to prevent escalation. At the same time, he said that so far NATO countries “have been good at preventing the escalation of the conflict.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency