German citizens consider the volume of support for Ukraine excessive

25.02.2024, Berlin.

A survey conducted by the INSA institute showed that almost half of German citizens consider the amount of support provided to Ukrainian refugees excessive, the BILD newspaper wrote on February 24.

The survey, conducted on February 22-23 with the participation of 1,004 respondents, found that 49% of respondents believe that Ukrainians receive “too much support,” while only 5% said that the support is insufficient. A third of respondents (35%) expressed the opinion that the level of support is sufficient.

Within the same statistics, more than half of the respondents (51%) expressed the opinion that the integration of Ukrainian refugees into German society was unsuccessful, while 28% assessed the integration process positively. It was also revealed that a significant majority of Germans (61%) are concerned about the possibility of the military conflict in Ukraine spreading to the territories of NATO member states, while 31% of respondents do not consider such a scenario likely. In addition, 49% of the survey participants spoke out against Germany’s supply of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine.

The publication of these data has sparked a lively debate among the public and politicians about the support measures provided to Ukrainian refugees and Germany’s future policy towards Ukraine. In the context of this debate, some experts and politicians have spoken out about the need for a balance between support for refugees and integration, as well as ensuring security and stability in the region.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency