Kurginyan tells what process will determine Taiwan’s destiny

12.02.2024, Moscow.

A political struggle is ongoing inside China, with no details observable from outside, and its outcome will determine what will happen in Taiwan, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on January 27 on the program Right to Know on channel TVC.

The expert was asked to give a forecast regarding how the situation around Taiwan can develop. Kurginyan referred to Churchill’s words who said that the political struggle in Russia looked like a bulldog fight under a rug, and the bodies thrown out indicate what the outcome is. The political scientist believes that Churchill’s approach is almost the only way to observe what is taking place in China today.

I want to point out two circumstances. The figure of Xi Jinping must definitely not be underestimated. (…) He is a unique figure with unique ideas about the Chinese destiny and everything else. This is the first thing. And the second thing is that something has happened under the rug in the Chinese strategic nuclear forces. (…) Something was wrong with the missiles, and Xi Jinping has suppressed that according to the best Stalin’s traditions, although in a softer manner, and no one objected, Kurginyan noted.

The key Far Eastern factor is who wins in the major intra-Chinese game, which is a global game. This is the first thing. The second thing is that the winner will determine who will govern Taiwan. Because, I apologize for my excessive eccentricity before the Chinese people and government, let us admit that the difference between Kuomintang and the contemporary Chinese Communist Party can only be detected by special political microscopes.

There is de facto no difference. Or, in other words, having fantastically taken the lead, the People’s Republic of China has in fact adopted the Kuomintang strategy, which is essentially an extremely strong state control over market economy,” Kurginyan stressed.

He believes that at a moment of crisis, which is inevitable in a liberal economy, China will fully engage its state control mechanisms, which means that Taiwan will not be able to remain lose at this leash forever. However, another peculiarity of the Chinese is that they are never in a hurry, the philosopher noted.

Therefore, if another five years is needed to build up power by 15-20%, then it will be five years. If it is seven years let it be seven years. This is how they will suffocate Taiwan to death, and they will embrace it, and they will give it preferences, and they will say they are brothers, and no one will say a word against – unless a nuclear war is unleashed, Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency