Russian Armed Forces receive a new batch of BMP-2M Berezhok IFVs

06.09.2023, Moscow.

A new batch of modernized BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicles equipped with Berezhok modules has been delivered to the Russian Armed Forces by the Vysokotochnyye Kompleksy scientific production association, the enterprise’s press service informed on September 6.

“The regular fulfillment of contracts speaks of the efficiency of the production system of the Vysokotochnyye Kompleksy scientific production association, as well as of the high qualification and selfless labor of the employees,” Bekkhan Ozdoyev, industrial director of the armaments, ammunition and special equipment complex of Rostec State Corporation, said.

He noted that this infantry vehicle is actively involved in special operations. The military commented positively on the firepower and mobility of the infantry fighting vehicles.

On July 11, the enterprise announced that Kurganmashzavod started to overhaul the BMP-2 chassis and upgraded it for the Berezhok combat module. The first batch of modernized combat vehicles was sent to the troops in early June, the Vysokotochnyye Kompleksy informed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency