Russia starts to produce a new version of the kamikaze drone Ovod

12.08.2023, Moscow.

Russia begins to produce the second version of the FPV-kamikaze drone Ovod, the head of the development group Andrey Ivanov said, RIA Novosti informed on August 12.

“The Ovod unmanned aircraft 2.0 has been developed and launched into small-scale production,” Ivanov said.

According to the developer, the new version has upgraded electronics and propeller motors. The modernized system also has “several special features that cannot be revealed,” the agency’s interlocutor added.

At the same time, the manufacturer’s representative noted that the primary delivered model remains the first modification of Ovod. According to him, the first version is already maximally prepared to operate it without any additional actions. This reduces the time of its deployment, equipping, and usage.

The drone Ovod is operated using a First Person View (FPV) option. The operator sees the image from the drone’s video camera on his monitor or video helmet. The first modification Ovod costs about $400. The price of the new modification is about $650.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency