Kurginyan: The West is moving to its end

29.06.2023, Moscow.

The Western world is becoming weaker, and it has nothing to offer the humanity except power for the sake of power, it has no non-material assets anymore, it is now only Russia that has, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, political scientist and philosopher Sergey Kurginyan said on June 9 in the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station.

The political scientist believes that the primary non-material asset is love. He reminded the words that Fyodor Tyutchev said in response to Germany’s first chancellor Otto von Bismarck regarding his view on how the world is to be built, “But we will try to do it with love.”

Are we ready to build a world of love? First of all, in practice, of love to those who love us. Are we ready to build a world on a mutual basis? Are we ready to expiate our past in a way to make everyone believe us that we will not betray anyone again? Are we ready to regain our public face like that? Are we ready to follow this logic? If we are, then there is only us, because the Western world in its current form is really moving towards its end, Kurginyan said.

Quoting Galich’s ironical song, the political scientist noted that the Western world, “with blood on its face, is walking towards its enlightened end.” It is doing this in a slow and ravenous manner, the way Nero’s late Roman Empire did, “The Roman Empire in the period of its decline maintained certain illusion of established order,” he reminded the verses by Bulat Okudzhava.

Kurginyan noted that the current “Roman Empire” is still strong, it still can send its legions, and it can ruin the world in its convulsions, but it is becoming weaker.

It is becoming weaker, and it has no non-material assets, it does not offer anything to the humanity anymore except for the rough idea of domination, the idea of power for the sake of power. Heidegger said that metaphysics always remains, but its last version is the metaphysics of power, domination for the sake of domination. This is where it goes. The power of the master over the slave. Slaves do not like this, do they? And not all of them are really slaves, the philosopher believes.

He is confident that as soon as Russia gets rid of anything alien that it was forced to adopt and begins to follow its inherent patterns, the whole world becomes a micro-system beside Russia, “no matter how big it is, it is accustomed to hearing the Russian voice when this voice is true.”

Russia should rely on love, i.e. on those who love it, and support them in the first place, Kurginyan noted. In Ukraine, it is its eastern part, he explained.

Further there is an intermediary zone, where we should follow the rule ‘do you really like Poland so much, dear people who turn away from Russia? Please turn that way and face some real genocide there.‘ And this is what we should do in any territory. ‘But we will try to do it with love,’ and this is the kind of love it should be, the political scientist concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency