USA has dramatically increased the number of high-security biolabs

26.05.2023, Moscow.

The United States has increased the number of biological laboratories with the maximum level of isolation from the outside environment, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Commander of the Russian NBC Protection Troops, said at a briefing on May 26.

He noted that “over the past few years, the number of biolaboratories with maximum isolation levels BSL-3-plus and BSL-4 has increased significantly in the United States.”

Kirillov cited a report from King’s College London as a source of information. It indicates that there are 25 laboratories in the USA investigating hazardous viruses and bacteria. Three more are currently under construction.

The report indicates that another 18 high-security BSL-4 labs are planned for construction in the coming years. And most of them will be located in Asian countries, outside US national jurisdiction.

British experts express their concern in the report. They note that the laboratories will be located in areas with a high population density.

“In building them, there are savings at the expense of protective equipment, and the countries where they are based lack effective legal regulations governing biosafety,” Kirillov cited data from the report.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency