Kurginyan indicates three problems facing the Russian society

10.05.2023, Aleksandrovskoye.

Russia has to save the current reality, and to comprehend and raise a new reality, which will be able to win the war against the West, said philosopher and political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 4 in a new issue of his author’s broadcast Destiny.

The post-Soviet reality has allowed our country to hold out for a whole year of the Special Military Operation without our economy failing. However, this reality has one critical flaw: it cannot withstand a long-term confrontation with the West, the political scientist indicated. We need to, first, save this reality, and second, change it.

The first thing to do is to save this reality, to properly mobilize it, to take care of it whenever we can, and still to improve it, to saturate it with certain capabilities, and to direct it towards our only goal, our victory, Kurginyan said.

We must not ruin this reality by any changes, he stressed. Otherwise, Russia can lose 10 million of its citizens, and it can be occupied by the USA.

The second thing to do is to comprehend what a new reality, a new life, is. To start raising it here,” he stressed.

The third problem that the Russian society has to resolve is to identify and remove any inclusions of obviously destructive pro-Western substrate, which is unnecessary even for the current life. Kurginyan referred to the example of the proposals that we should remove the classic Russian literature at school based on the allegations that our children cannot read, but they can only understand mems and comics. The analyst suggested that we should combat such “radical inclusions” within the current reality.

In order to build a different life, Kurginyan believes, we have to resolve certain major philosophic problems.

Can Russia be a bourgeois country? Indeed, in our conscience it is either socialist – which means administrative, bureaucratic, all-regulating – or bourgeois. But is it true? Cannot we combine the Russian fundamental anti-bourgeoisness with certain very cautiously and delicately used estates-based principles? With certain types of property that have nothing to do with the traditional Western-raised bourgeoisness, and which can open new horizons? the philosopher wonders.

But the most important problem that Russia has to resolve is the problem of Man.

Of Man who has been sentenced by all these artificial intelligences and many other things. And whom we cannot save just by talks like ‘hands off all that.’ We need major breakthroughs exactly in the anthropological domain, and this means in the domain of our being that creates this anthropos, and in the domain of culture, and in everything that many are reluctant to call general spirituality, but which cannot be canceled without canceling Man, the philosopher concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency