Kurginyan: The Russian society in its current condition will not hold out for long

09.05.2023, Moscow.

The contemporary society was built for integration into the West, it is not natural for Russia, and this society has been holding out in the conflict, but it cannot do so for a long time, said philosopher and political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on May 4 in his author’s broadcast Destiny.

He noted that the attempts to purchase the Mistral helicopter carriers and other Western weapons were due to the fact that Russia was supposed to integrate into the Western civilization. For the same reason, gas pipelines to the West were built. With the same purpose, Western lifestyle and Western education, i.e. the Bologna Process, were forcefully implemented.

Why were design bureaus and our self-reliant economy destroyed? Because we would be involved in the global division of labor and we would purchase everything we need, so why should we have it all of our own as Soviet idiots did? Kurginyan continued.

Based of the belief that no major war was possible, the mobilization deployment system was destroyed, the political scientist noted. Our defense industry was bought to a terrible condition based on the conviction that there was no arms race. “The Soviet system was responsible for this stupid arms race, which ruined our civil economy!” Kurginyan described this position.

He stressed that Russia decided to become similar to the West and it remained in this condition over 30 years, which we now have to comprehend. “This means new generations, new textbooks, new culture if it can be called that, new mentality etc.,” the political scientist said.

Kurginyan noted that this is exactly the kind of a society we have now, but it is not a society that would be natural for Russia and that would be capable of holding out for long. It is exactly this kind of a society that has been drawn into the most dangerous conflict after World War Two.

And this is a fact regardless of our attitude to it. This society, this reality will have to hold out as we have no other. Stalin used to say, ‘I have no other writers for you.’ I have no other reality for you! This one will have to hold out, and it does, the political scientist stressed.

There were fears that the reality will fail, but it stands. The society knits gloves and camouflage netting, it sends equipment and drones. “Members of this reality heroically fight and take building after building in this rusty industrial infrastructure. Indeed, this is a fact: it is holding out,” Kurginyan said.

He noted that the worst qualities of the contemporary Russian reality, i.e. its criminal nature, have played a positive role as they help to circumvent the sanctions.

Nevertheless, such a reality “cannot hold out in a long-term conflict.” Kurginyan stressed. This statement faces allegations that the conflict will end soon or something else will happen. And it remains unclear what this should mean, the political scientist noted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency