Ukrainian armed units damage seven houses in Kursk region in Russia

02.05.2023, Kursk.

The Ukrainian armed units shelled the border village of Tyotkino in the Kursk region damaging seven residential buildings, the governor of the region Roman Starovoit wrote on his Telegram channel on May 2.

“This morning, the village of Tyotkino in Glushkovsky district came under fire from Ukraine. A total of ten hits were reported. There were no casualties. There is damage to roofs, facades, windows and fences in seven households,” the message reads.

The governor of Kursk region also pointed out that a low pressure gas pipe was damaged. At the moment, specialists are already working on its repair.

Ukraine has already attacked the Glushkovsky district previously. On May 19, 2022, two men came under fire, one was killed, and another was taken to the hospital with shrapnel wounds. On October 6, a 72-year-old man died of a heart attack during the shelling. On October 10, a man and a woman were injured.

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he had decided to conduct a special military operation to protect Donbass in response to a request for help from the heads of the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. The goal of the operation is to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.

In his congratulations on the 77th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, addressed on May 9 to the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, Vladimir Putin stressed that at present, the servicemen of the Russian Federation, the DPR and LPR are fighting shoulder to shoulder, like their ancestors, to liberate their native land from Nazi filth, and expressed confidence in victory, as in 1945.

The Russian leader reminded that at present, the common duty of all who honor the great memory of the Great Patriotic War is to prevent the revival of Nazism, which brought so much suffering to people of different countries.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency