Kurginyan: Most of the post-Soviet states have no history of their own

19.04.2023, Moscow.

Most of the former Soviet republics have no history of their own statehood, and they need to hold to their common history with Russia, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in an interview to the Metametrica channel published on April 4.

The host asked the political scientist what we should do with the fears of the former Central Asian republics, which are now independent states. Many of them fear that Russia could take their territories. This is the way they see the special military operation.

Answering the question, Kurginyan reminded that the Soviet Union was partitioned illegitimately. “Because, according to the law adopted by the Congress of the People’s Deputies of the USSR, where representatives of these republics were members, referendums should have been held everywhere, and all the heavy industry should have been left under central governance, but what happened instead was illegitimate, the political scientist stressed.

He noted that many new countries that formed after the collapse have no history of their own statehood. As exceptions he referred to Georgia with Queen Tamara and Kirghizia with its Epic of Manas. “The Kirghiz have the Epic of Manas, who entered China and then fled from there ‘faster than greased lightning,’ but they have at least some sort of an epic. What do these peoples have? What is it about? What states? What is the non-Soviet history of these states?” the political scientist wondered.

Kurginyan stressed that these states should be “tighter with Russian history, they have to connect to the Soviet history, take this heritage, and build everything based on maximum convergence, keeping an eye on China.”

Addressing the officials of these republics, he noted that while the Russians can forgive and love, in the alternative they will face cold indifference. Their Issyk Kul Lake and many other things will be desired a la carte, ‘without the accompanying slaves.’

According to the political scientist, the majority of the former republics of the Union exited not for freedom from the Russians but for obeying a new master and licking his boots. “They believe US ones, and this is not true. This is an illusion like the one we had here with this system. This is a lie,” Kurginyan stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency