Vice-Chancellor of Germany proposes to punish countries that buy Russian uranium

07.04.2023, Berlin.

It is necessary to impose sanctions against countries that receive uranium from Russia, German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habeck said in an interview with Deutschlandfunk on April 5.

Habeck said that during his two-day visit to Ukraine on April 3 and 4, he was asked why the purchase of Russian uranium was still not under sanctions.

“I don’t think there is a good answer to that,” the German vice-chancellor admitted.

“But it has to happen at some point, even if it means a change for countries that still have nuclear power plants running on Russian uranium. It seems reasonable to me, so I will advocate it,” Habek stressed.

Habeck visited Ukraine on April 3 and 4, where he arrived on an unannounced working visit. The delegation also included Siegfried Russwurm, president of the German Federal Association of Industry.

Back in Berlin, the German economy minister urged German companies to invest in the reconstruction of Ukraine. Habeck promised that German companies would receive state investment guarantees if they started working in Ukraine now.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency