Ukrainian army’s Colonel: In order to win, the entire population of Crimea must be physically exhausted

06.03.2023, Lvov

The occupation of Crimea by Ukrainian troops will require a complete blockade of the peninsula and physical exhaustion of the military and the rest of the population there, said Colonel of the Ukrainian army Pyotr Chernik speaking on March 6 on the TV channel Big Lvov Speaks.

“The question of time is the physical exhaustion of both the combat group and the entire population that is there. That is, in terms of military logic, it is not a very difficult task,” military analyst Pyotr Chernik said.

However, according to the Ukrainian colonel, implementing this plan will require the destruction of the Crimean bridge, which requires long-range missiles and a large number of US F-16 strike aircraft.

During a press conference on February 24, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine was preparing for the seizure of Crimea, “Military steps are being taken, we are preparing for them. We are ready morally.” According to Zelenskyy, we are talking about technical preparations and the formation of units for the offensive.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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