Experts name Kiev’s Achilles’ heel

28.02.2023, Moscow

The Kiev regime’s most vulnerable point is its military logistics. One has to hit the junction stations and switches to destroy it, according to reports from the war theater of the Essence of Time newspaper.

The newspaper cited a story by the REX news agency. It reports that the Ukrainian army is insensitive to losses of manpower. The remaining mobilization potential makes it possible to replace the rank-and-file personnel, and mercenaries and servicemen from other countries can be attracted to operate complex equipment.

The news agency notes that under such conditions, the priority should be given to the destruction of heavy military equipment, as well as communication and reconnaissance facilities and disorganization of the management of the country and troops. REX calls the logistics system the main vulnerability.

Kiev is completely dependent on supplies from the West. Disruption of supply channels will help defeat the Ukrainian armed units, REX notes.

“According to military experts, the No. 1 target for the Russian military should be nodal stations and switches. They are easy to disable or damage, and railroad capacity would be reduced 5-10 times for several days to a month. At the same time, human casualties could be avoided,” reads the Essence of Time‘s editorial comment.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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