Is Libya also going to transfer military equipment to Ukraine?

17.02.2023, Moscow.

Libya’s offer to repair its military equipment on the territory of Ukraine is a slightly disguised offer to hand it over to Kiev, according to the Essence of Time newspaper’s reports from the war theater.

The newspaper quotes a statement by the defense ministry of Libya’s interim national unity government. It said that the maintenance and repair of Libyan military equipment might be carried out in Ukraine.

The statement was published after the meeting of the Ukrainian military attache, Colonel Andrey Bayuk, with Libyan Brigadier General Jibril Al-Shteiwi in Tripoli. The Libyan general said that it was necessary to restore cooperation between Libya and Ukraine. First of all, in the military sphere.

“Since Ukraine obviously lacks repair capacities even for its own equipment, this statement is a veiled offer to supply equipment to Kiev, because Libya has many samples of Soviet weapons,” the Essence of Time‘s editorial reads.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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