The US will delay deliveries of Abrams to destroy Leopards. Opinion

11.02.2023, Moscow

The US needed deliveries of German tanks to Ukraine in order to get rid of a competitor to its Abrams, according to the Essence of Time newspaper reports from the war theater.

The newspaper cited information from the American media, which said that Ukraine would have to wait months, if not years, for American tanks. Washington is not planning to hand over the tanks in stock, but will order them from manufacturers.

The main purpose of the Abrams delivery announcements appears to have been to convince Germany to provide Ukraine with its main Leopard battle tanks, the Washington Post article claims.

The US managed to “force” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz: German tanks will be delivered to Ukraine by April, but American Abrams will be in the beginning of 2024 at best. Therefore all the generals of the world will see how beautifully the German tanks are burning in the steppes of Ukraine.

Therefore Europe will gladly and profitably give up the German ‘Leopards’, mostly already obsolete, and replace them with new ‘Abrams’. To the greater benefit of the American military-industrial complex,” reads the editorial of the Essence of Time newspaper.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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