Wirtschaftswoche reminds of tanks at German Tank Museum

06.02.2023, Berlin.

Tanks exhibited at the German Tank Museum in Munster may still move, military expert Ralf Raths told the Wirtschaftswoche (Germany) newspaper in an interview published on February 6.

More than a hundred tanks are publicly displayed at the German Tank Museum. “Do they actually still work?” the publication’s correspondent asked.

“Many vehicles can still move, but none of them are actually usable,” Raths replied. He said the more modern vehicles from the museum would require a huge outlay to regain combat readiness.

The museum manager also said the attention on the subject had grown tremendously, and the debate over the supply of Leopards 2 has taken on a new dimension. On the first day after the winter break, we expected a few dozen visitors and over 200 came.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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