Opinion: Life in the future will be determined by the accumulation of CO₂ points

30.01.2023, Berlin.

Life in the near future will be determined by the accumulation of CO₂ points, everyone will receive a lifetime budget CO₂, exceeding which will be prohibited, says German author Thomas Eisinger in his book Hinter der Zukunft (What the Future Hides). The news portal Apolut wrote on January 28.

It is noted that the fantastic description of the future, presented in Eisinger’s book now seems quite close to reality. According to Rubikon magazine, the mainstream media prepares the population for the fact that in the future everyone will have to comply with the mandatory budget CO₂, “In view of the enormous climate hysteria and panic in recent years, the ground for such a measure is now fertile.”

The magazine writes that the supposed rescue of the planet from anthropogenic climate change is increasingly becoming a modus operandi in all spheres of life. Everything is heading toward a future in which every aspect of social activity will be considered in light of climate compatibility.

In his novel Hinter der Zukunft, Thomas Eisinger paints a picture of a German climate dictatorship in the near future. People’s lives will be determined by their CO₂ account. Once it is exhausted, citizens are to be sent to special camps and live in them for the rest of their “climate-neutral” existence.

Rubikon notes that Eisinger’s novel was published in 2021 and was extremely relevant. However, as the climate agenda intensifies, Eisinger’s book becomes increasingly prophetic.

The magazine draws attention to the fact that the leading German media started a discussion in early January about a CO₂ budget for every citizen. We are talking about three tons per year per citizen. Counters have already been invented, which everyone can use and count their personal CO₂ footprint.

Nicolas Riedl, author of an article in Rubikon magazine, admitted that despite his modest lifestyle, his CO₂ footprint is currently 8.44 tons.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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