Myśl Polska: Polish authorities’ promises to help Ukraine will bring disappointment

23.01.2023, Warsaw.

Promises made by some Western countries to help Kiev to rebuild Ukraine will only bring disappointment to Poles, Professor Stanisław Bieleń wrote in an article published in the sociopolitical weekly Myśl Polska on January 19.

Pointing out that as a result of the actions of Kiev and the West supporting it, “Poland found itself in the worst moment in its history after the Cold War,” the political scientist said, “Promises of participation in the post-war reconstruction of the Ukrainian state in the current circumstances may bring more disappointment than good.”

Beleny believes that despite the difficulties in predicting the consequences of the still unfinished global conflict, we can be sure that “the national identity of Ukrainians from now on will be based on the politics of resentment, revenge and revanche.”

This, in turn, writes Bieleń, will make Ukraine a hotbed of conflict for years to come, unsolvable neither for it nor for its “patrons and henchmen,” and Poland, which has become a hostage of its government policy, will be plunged into an “eternal” conflict with Russia, which will not give its people any benefits.

On January 21, in Warsaw, opponents of the country’s continuing involvement in the Ukrainian conflict held a rally attended by hundreds of people. Its organizers, in their previously published statement, protested against the “provocative propaganda” carried out by Polish politicians and media.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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