Kurginyan: The US won’t let China fairly assume a leadership position

13.11.2022, Moscow

The US is not going to cede world leadership to China, which fairly earned it, according to the rules of capitalism, said philosopher, analyst and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the Conversation with a Sage program on Radio Zvezda on November 11.

Discussing the question of what the post-capitalist world will be like, the analyst noted that in the modern world China is trying to play and win by the rules of the capitalist world, but the US hegemon will not give up its leadership. The US is ready to lead a reshaping of the world in order to keep China out.

In the twenty-first century, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we have seen how the law of uneven development, in the context of a nuclear civilization and all the rest, returns to the scene. It again becomes the protagonist of history, which seemed to have been abolished by Fukuyama and many others,” notes Sergey Kurginyan.

He noted that now the People’s Republic of China is a new “Germany,” which surpassed earlier the other countries of Europe in its industrial development.

The People’s Republic of China has offered a huge amount of cheap labor in the form of disciplined, well-mannered Chinese workers, accurate, organized,” said the philosopher.

China offered the West “500 million such workers” for superprofits, the analyst explained.

He noted that earlier, the Soviet Union, in accordance with its standards of living for its citizens, “forced the West too to present a kind of welfare society, that is, to raise wages and all the rest all the time“. This reduced the profitability of production.

China’s proposal turned out to be in demand by the West.

They began to move the means of production there. Two streams emerged – on the one side, people who want to make more money – workers – flowed into Europe and into the Western world. This is called immigration. And on the other hand, the industries themselves flowed to Asia to make more profit there,” Sergey Kurginyan explained.

The Chinese waited and waited, bowed and bowed and smiled and smiled, created this profit, created and harvested capital with their own hands. Then, “bang!” And it turned out that China is essentially the first state in the world,” noted the philosopher.

And so, the Chinese became the new “Germany. And the new “Great Britain” in this analogy became the United States of America.

The Chinese say, pardon me, gentlemen, step aside according to your own rules. You called us sort of modern, you carried your ‘White man’s burden’ and we would all be educated. We learned. You said you would educate us in a very repressive way. We bowed.

We have learned, we have bowed, and now we are putting trillions of your debts on the gaming table, a bill to pay, we are putting on the same table the advantage of our high-tech industry, our army, our population, our social consolidation, be nice and admit it and move away where you want,” Sergey Kurginyan explained.

But the Americans do not want to move away. “The Americans refuse to admit it,” he explained. – “What does it take to outplay [China]? It takes a war.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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