Kurginyan: The living standards in Europe will drop

06.09.2022, Moscow.

The West has fattened its population during the Soviet period, but now it will start reducing the standard of living, said the philosopher, political scientist, leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on September 3 in an interview to BelTA on the movement’s YouTube channel.

The whims of the European public do not concern the political elites in the US and Europe, assures Kurginyan. In his view, European citizens had been heavily fattened during the Soviet period.

“It was necessary to show to the working class that still existed then at the Renault factories and elsewhere: look at how good your life is. There is prosperity; it may be modest, but you don’t have to work too much, you have plenty of money, and so on. They fattened these Europeans,” stressed the political scientist.

At some point, it turned out that the Europeans became lazy and “they don’t catch mice” anymore, so the political elites began to move the industrial production to China, Vietnam and those places where you can double the labor force for a tenth of the cost, and the quality will be decent, noted the expert.

According to the expert, soon it turned out that China was growing too fast, going beyond limits, and the US forbid the Europeans to be friends with China. “What do we do? Lowering the standard of living of the population is quite a good idea,” said Kurginyan explaining the logic of the European elites.

The standard of living in Europe will be lowered to the limit, and then raised a bit, and ordinary citizens will feel as if it’s getting better, noted the analyst. People will say – it’s getting better, but in reality it will be a serious decline, which is also a part in the multi-dimensional game around Ukraine, emphasized the expert.

In the US they think: “Let Europe sink”. But European elites think the same: “Why don’t we train a European woman to wipe herself with a wet towel first, instead of taking a shower … spend most of the time in public places instead of home where it’s cold…  And then get paid five times less than before, and say “thank you, thank you for almost turning the electricity ON!” How everything became great again!“,” explained the political scientist.

No one from the Western politicians is afraid to significantly lower the living standards for the European public, concluded Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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