Kurginyan: Russia has only been “Adapting” to the West since the collapse of the USSR

03.09.2022, Moscow.

The situation in Russian electronics industry is a product of the post-Soviet reality, said the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on September 1 in the most recent issue of the original program Destiny on the movement’s YouTube channel.

The expert noted that electronics is a key component for the independence of the domestic military-industrial complex, and the cries that this sector of our industry is in a state of absolute incapacity have nothing to do with reality, and it is one of the methods of our adversary’s propaganda.

“But when you start to scratch the surface in an effort to understand what you are dealing with, the first question that comes to mind is – what’s going on in the Skolkovo Innovation Center or in Rosnano. What, no one else noticed this situation? It’s just came about all of a sudden? Or is it a product of a certain imagination? Once again I am talking about these creative ideas. Or is this Skolkovo Center a product of a certain idea about adapting our high-tech products to what is happening in the West?” the analyst asks.

At the same time, Kurginyan emphasized the importance of the word “adapting”.

“But if we are talking about such adapting, then who, if not Anatoly Chubais, is the one to fool those in the US who trusted him and to play a leading role in this adaption process, the one who is trying to make the most to himself, to adapt to anything and such? He firmly believes that only this is a possible solution!” – said the political scientist.

He stated that during the entire post-Soviet period, this principle of ”adapting” has dominated. According to him, the US and the West are the leaders in the global mega-trend without an alternative, since the USSR has collapsed, noted the analyst.

“And our task is to fit into this mega-trend and take a worthy place in it, if possible. Understood? To fit into THEIR mega-trend, to take a worthy place in it – allegedly, that’s the only way possible for the Russian Federation beyond the collapse of the USSR. And the collapse itself has largely followed because they were tired of doing anything other than adapting. And this adapting was possible only if you cease to be viewed as the main adversary!” – recalled Kurginyan the dominating ideas.

According to him, in the post-Soviet period, they started to believe that Russia had ceased to be the main adversary, and started to fit in and adapt.

“However, now, we have become the main enemy, for some reason. Well, they started going haywire on us, but later everything will return to normal – is that right?!” Kurginyan is asking.

Furthermore, if we use such a view to what is happening, then our own full-fledged electronics industry is not necessary.

“Are we going to fight the West across the board in the situation when we won’t get any electronics from anywhere? Are we going to fight like that? It is clear that such a war will immediately turn into a nuclear one. Nobody needs it, and if they start it, we will respond with “Sarmat” missiles. Everything will end as soon as it starts. And since we don’t want such an end, nothing like this will take place, ” the analyst recalls the view of the Russian elites. However, according to the expert, something has already started.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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