Kurginyan: Ukraine is a puppet in the hands of its Western master

14.08.2022, Aleksandrovkoye.

Ukraine is a puppet in the hands of the greater West, which has not yet unfolded in full against Russia, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in a new issue of his original program Destiny published on August 8 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

Ukraine, Russia’s aggressive neighbor, is not self-sufficient in anything related to the military conflict, Kurginyan said. He explained that otherwise the conflict would have ended within two months as the neighbor would have exhausted its resources, including economic and military technical ones.

“But our aggressive neighbor has long been using a third party’s resources,” the political scientist noted. He added that even if the Ukrainian budget stops receiving grivna, the country may not notice this because its budget is formed from different sources that have nothing to do with the Ukrainian economy.

“This is not about economy only. It [Russia’s aggressive neighbor] would lack its own money, it would have someone else’s, if it lacks its own weapons it would have someone else’s etc. It is organized differently, it is not a self-sufficient entity any longer,” the crisis analyst stressed. He believes that Ukraine is connected to different sources, and this connection becomes stronger every day in a number of capabilities.

“Can we directly estimate the number of military professionals from the NATO and other countries, which are not friendly to us at all, whom the neighbor uses along with its own armed forces?” Kurginyan wondered. He reminded that for now, the involvement of certain private military companies in the Ukrainian conflict is discussed, but no one really discusses the number of such companies and the way of their involvement in the hostilities.

“The line has long gone between those who are really soldiers of fortune working for such a company and those who are actually in government service receiving orders as if they were operating by proxy,” the expert noted.

The number of military and human resources that the Western neighbor uses against Russia changes all the time, the political scientist indicated. He added that Kiev initially used third party’s resources in its anti-Russian aggression even before the special operation began on February 24.

“It is not Ukraine that organizes various unprecedented economic sanctions against us to undermine our potential. It is not Ukraine that demonstrates further enlargement of NATO in Finland, Sweden, or elsewhere. It is not Ukraine that is trying to make up something at the south against us to distract us from the Ukrainian events,” the leader of Essence of Time indicated.

Kurginyan explained that Kiev does not have its own resources for these kinds of actions. All the Ukrainian authorities have is the population overwhelmed with the odious Banderite propaganda, which can now be used as cannon fodder under Bandera Nazi control.

Meanwhile, the involvement of the foreign contingent in the Ukrainian conflict will grow every month.

“Every month, the aggressive pressure will keep growing not only within the Ukrainian territory, but in other places. Behind all this, there is a powerful master that we all know, no matter how it is called: the West, NATO, or the global state, and it uses Ukraine as its puppet,” the expert explained.

It is important to understand that the master has not unfolded in its full power yet. “It has not unfolded, it is lazy, it has many other things to do, it has its own problems etc. It has not unfolded in its full power yet. But it is unfolding. And it will keep unfolding, it will not stop,” Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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