Orban urges the EU to adopt a peaceful strategy in the Ukrainian conflict

23.07.2022, Băile Tușnad.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban called on Europe to adopt a new strategy aimed at making peace with Russia during a speech in the Romanian city of Băile Tușnad on July 23.

The politician acknowledged that the Hungarian leadership cannot presume to influence Western strategy, but nevertheless he felt it necessary to voice Budapest’s position on the Ukrainian crisis.

“It is a matter of honor and morality for us to state our position that a new strategy is needed, the aim of which would be peace and the formulation of a good peace proposal. The task of the EU is not to take sides, but to stand between Russia and Ukraine,” he said.

Orban also noted in his speech that the sanctions against Russia have failed to shake Moscow, but the measures have left Europe in trouble, both politically and economically. Moreover, the governments of the UK, Bulgaria, Italy, and Estonia became victims of the sanctions boomerang. At the same time, most of the world “demonstratively did not support” Western sanctions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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