French expert draws a parallel between Europe's sanctions against Russia and Continental Blockade of 1806

21.07.2022, Paris.

This is not the first time in history that Central Europe has imposed an economic blockade on its adversaries, that ultimately turns against it, French economic expert Olivier de Maison Rouge wrote in an article published on July 21 in Le Figaro.

The situation with sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russia is similar to the continental blockade of the British Empire by France in the era of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806. As a result of the blockade, the British Empire found new markets and sources of raw materials, which made it the strongest European power in the 19th century, while France suffered economic losses and lost its trading partners, Rouge recalls.

The essence of the blockade, which Napoleon planned to introduce against the British Empire was a total ban on sea trade with the rest of Europe. In the event of a breach of the ban, French customs was given the right to requisition any ships spotted in English ports. It quickly became clear, however, that France’s allies suffered most from this blockade. They were forced to bribe French customs officials and smuggle to circumvent the embargo. As a result, Napoleon was forced to put a brave face on such situation, and instead of a blockade, introduced quotas and duties on maritime trade.

The British Empire, by contrast, found other markets, first in Canada, and through it the United States and Latin America. The US, formally a French ally, and an opponent of the British Empire, against whom it had fought in the American War of Independence, declared an embargo on trade with all of Europe. Thus they demonstrated neutrality in trade with the Old World, but it hit France first and foremost.

As a result, the British Empire won the continental blockade and France lost. Its European partners against which the embargo was imposed, reoriented to other markets, which led to a decline in foreign trade of France, and the recession of the economy, the expert writes.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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