Kurginyan explains why the special military operation in Ukraine is unique

03.05.2022, Moscow.

Russia is carrying out a special military operation with the use of modern weapons across the territory filled with well-defended military facilities, which is a major factor that determines its pace, said political scientist, philosopher, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on April 29 during the broadcast of the Great Game program on Channel One.

“We are dealing with the first such powerful special military operation in the world with the use of this type of weapons on such a vast, and very industrial territory. This territory is saturated with industrial facilities, including those designed to withstand nuclear strikes. There has never been such a special military operation in history. There was no such a conflict before,” said Kurginyan.

According to him, this aspect determines how to measure the pace of the special military operation, the success of the advancement. He explained that in these conditions, you need to get used to the fact that the liberation of another school in the next settlement is already an advancement, that gaining a sort of a wedge between the towns of Avdeevka and Gorlovka, which is aimed at separating the grouping of troops, is also an advancement.

“Everything that has to do with the operation’s pace is another measure of these advances. It has nothing to do with running across the vast steppe, when you drive your tank as fast as you want,” believes the expert.

Regular reports regarding the loss of enemy manpower are quite telling. “Try to look through these reports and sum them up. Allow for certain exaggeration there, off cause: it always takes place in this kind of situations. But, it’s very impressive! In other words, not only the infrastructure gets knocked out, the manpower gets knocked out too,” stressed Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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