Military expert: All transport infrastructure in Lvov must be destroyed

14.04.2022, Moscow.

The US military aid will not reach the Ukrainian army if the entire transport infrastructure of the Lvov region is destroyed, the military expert of the Institute for Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States Vladimir Yevseyev said in an interview with the Internet platform on 14 April.

Yevseyev commented on the $800 million in US.military aid to Ukraine and suggested measures to prevent this aid from reaching enemy units.

“It is necessary to send Biden a signal in the form of the destruction of all transport infrastructure in the Lvov region. Not only the railway infrastructure, but also the roads should be destroyed. Bridges, railway tracks and stations should be destroyed. Plus, it is necessary to destroy all the infrastructure at the border crossings to Poland from the Ukrainian side. And it must be constantly monitored to ensure that it is destroyed,” said the military expert of the Institute for Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Yevseyev said that the main supplies of military aid to the Ukrainian army go by rail, nevertheless weapons can also be sent by road. This means that road infrastructure, for example bridges, must also be destroyed. Russia is capable of maintaining the enemy’s transport infrastructure in a ruined state, Yevseyev believes.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said during a video conference at the University of Michigan on April 14 that the United States was studying the possibility of transferring weapons that require prior training to Ukraine.

Earlier, the Pentagon said that it was planning new arms supplies to Ukraine. The United States is expected to transfer Mi-17 helicopters, Hummer armored vehicles, artillery shells and NBC protection to Kiev.

On April 14, the leader of the Ukrainian party Fatherland Yulia Timoshenko called on to write off Ukraine’s debts to the IMF and the World Bank, as well as to transfer frozen funds from the Russian Federation to Kiev.

Aviation Major General Vladimir Popov, deputy editor-in-chief of Aviapanorama magazine, said that US promises to hand over Mi-17 helicopters to the Kiev regime could not be kept, as they would be destroyed as soon as they were over Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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