Canada spends almost a billion dollars on training Ukrainian Nazis

12.04.2022, Ottawa.

Canada has spent almost a billion dollars on training militants from the nationalist battalion Azov (organization banned in Russia), Radio Canada found out, according to an article on the radio station’s website published on April 11.

According to the article, military instructors who worked in Ukraine and trained Ukrainian militants were not supposed to train nationalist units, and the Canadian Armed Forces deny the facts of training Ukrainian Nazis. However, journalists of the radio station, having analyzed photos from Ukraine, found out that representatives of the Azov (organization banned in Russia) repeatedly attended training conducted by Canadian instructors.

So, in two pictures dated November 20, 2020, two soldiers with Azov (organization banned in Russia) patches are captured. In another picture, a soldier participating in the training has a Waffen-SS badge on his chest: a golden lion with three crowns.

“We can’t get away with it: [the Waffen-SS] is a bunch of Nazis,” Professor Dominique Arel, head of the Department of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Ottawa, commented on the photo.

The article says that as part of the operation Unifier, Canada helped train 33,346 Ukrainian servicemen, including 1951 from the National Guard of Ukraine, spending $ 890 million on this. The training was conducted on the basis of the Training Center of the National Guard in Zolochev from February 20, 2019 to February 13, 2020.

The Canadian National Defense Ministry disavows the training of nationalists, but admits that although Canadian servicemen were instructed not to train representatives of the Azov battalion (organization banned in Russia), they did not conduct any selection. It is noted that representatives of the Azov (organization banned in Russia) did not respond to the radio station’s request for comments.

At the same time, the National Guard of Ukraine’s website directly told about the training of Azov’s (organization banned in Russia) militants as part of the Unifier mission. And such training was conducted only in the training center of Zolochev. Moreover, the nationalists boasted of their own training, prepared jointly with instructors within the framework of the Unifier mission.

The fact that the Canadian authorities cooperating with Ukrainian Nazis was known earlier. In particular, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was reminded of this, when he called protesters against the forced vaccination of truck drivers Nazis.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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