Kurginyan explains why it is important not to disappoint the Russian people’s expectations in Ukraine

07.04.2022, Moscow.

If the Russian public’s expectations regarding Russia’s military special operation for the denazification of Ukraine are disappointed, no authorities in the country will maintain, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the issue of The Meaning of the Game: The Russian Destiny and the Will of History or What Russia is Fighting in Ukraine for broadcast published on April 5 on the movement’s YouTube channel.

The political scientist stressed that huge groups in the Russian society have demonstrated a very positive reaction to the special operation in Ukraine, and this is “a great wave” of support and great expectations of the Russian people.

In the event these expectations are disappointed, there will be “no right-wing, no left-wing, no red projects, no monarchies, but there will be US helicopters over the dismembered territory” of the country, Sergey Kurginyan believes.

The political scientist noted that the decades-long dream of a number of the members of the Russian elites to “integrate” into the Western world exposes the groups oriented to returning to the previous “pro-Western paradise.”

“Instead of such straightforward supporters of this integration, who have hidden (I do not call them a fifth column, firstly, because they are not a fifth column, and secondly, because they are worse than a fifth column), there are people here who dream about returning to this integration policy, they really dream of it. I call them ‘reversalists,’ because they are people who dream about reversing the Ukrainian process, to make it all come back,” Kurginyan noted.

This accounts for the statements irritating the public, including by the participants of the negotiation process between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The political scientist stressed that peace negotiations are necessary, but they should keep within certain scope of humanitarian issues like exchanging POWs and humanitarian corridors.

“However, something different has happened. It suddenly turned out that they tell the public, an overheated public, that a step back will be made. A diplomatic operation to ‘step back’ in which we will leave some places and do something,” Kurginyan said.

The political scientist expressed confidence that any “political bluff” by anyone unauthorized to do so is especially dangerous now. It is also dangerous to assign the current events any meaning that they actually do not have.

“I wonder what exactly is taking place with Mr. Medinsky’s statement. He ‘repeated the words of the Ukrainians.’ It looks like something innocent, but it was said in the wrong tone, the wrong style, with a sort of a crescendo that is obviously associated with this desire to make the process reversible and minimize everything. If there is anyone who wants this, it is Mr. Abramovich!” Kurginyan said.

He stressed that the reality is that any ‘good’ agreements between Russia and the current Ukraine are impossible.

“The State Duma, the Council of Federation, and the president himself have recognized the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions in their full territories, and now we are using Pion large-caliber artillery to break four-meter concrete blockhouses. Right? We have no option to withdraw from it anymore. If we start withdrawing, I do not know who wants it, all the current political system will be ruined. All of it!” Kurginyan said.

The political scientist believes that any allegations that the Russian army has lost the operation are “blatant lies.” The army is operating with a smaller force than the enemy has, “and it has to fight in catacombs and fortified areas.” Kurginyan assured that the army is fighting perfect in these conditions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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