Kurginyan explains why Europe tolerates fascist Ukraine

27.03.2022, Moscow.

Europe tolerates a fascist Ukraine as an excuse to militarize European countries. This was stated by philosopher, political analyst and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the Great Game program on the Channel One on March 24.

Kurginyan said that the fascization of Ukraine was predetermined by the very course of the process that began with the collapse of the Soviet Union. In order to invent a non-existent Ukrainian identity not connected to Russia and the USSR, Ukraine “grabbed” Bandera and “began such brainwashing that it inevitably had to result in fascism.

Bandera is a bastard no less than Hitler, and in relation to Russians maybe even bigger, although what does that mean – bigger? There the Jews and Slavs were exterminated, and here the Russians and Jews,” Kurginyan noted.

According to the political scientist, the main question is whether Europe, or Israel, is ready to tolerate Bandera in Ukraine, who “skinned Jewish children alive. It turned outthey are ready,” he stressed.

Thus, since Ukraine has militarized at a great pace, Russia had to launch a military special operation in order not to deal with a large, militarized, fascist country.

Now that the Ukrainian army is being defeated, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is asking for help from NATO. At the extraordinary summit on March 24, the Ukrainian leader urged the alliance to give Ukraine 1% of all its tanks and warplanes.

However, according to the political scientist, Europe has very different plans with Ukraine. It will become a pretext for militarization of the leading EU countries’ armies, and it is not known where the weapons of these armies will be pointed.

Therefore, according to Kurginyan, when Zelensky addresses to NATO with a hidden message: “We are your minions, help us.” NATO answers him: “Honey, we have other plans for you, you have to destroy the Ukrainian nation in these cauldrons, and then, when you have destroyed it, we will start the second stage.

Speaking about the second stage, the political scientist points out that Germany, under the pretext of events in Ukraine, allocates 100 billion for the development of the Bundeswehr. This means that Germany will have the second or third army in the world.

France will now strengthen its armed forces. The question is: What for? Where is it going to use them? In Mali? Testing nuclear missiles… Will they fly to Africa or somewhere else?” questions Kurginyan.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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