Kurginyan: The Ukrainian population will be divided

20.03.2022, Moscow.

After the end of Russia’s special military operation, the Ukrainian population will be divided and not in favor of Russia, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on the air of The Right to Know TV-program on TVC channel.

The political scientist agreed that the Russian army has been met differently in the liberated territory of Ukraine. “There is no need for utopias. The population has been brainwashed heavily. All possible feelings are affected there, so there will be no any kind of absoluteness,” Kurginyan stressed. He added that another part of the Ukrainian population has been applauding Russian soldiers and has been begging that the Kiev militants would not return.

“The Ukrainian population will be divided and not in our favor. And then it will be necessary to patiently shift this mood in the right direction,” the political scientist explained the results of the special operation. According to him, how it will happen next depends on Russia itself. If the inhabitants of the liberated territories cease to be afraid of gangsters and Nazis, then there will be other opportunities for persuasion.

“As for Zelensky, I said that he would unleash a war. He has unleashed it! Here it is, under his presidency! Should the Ukrainian people understand this?” the leader of the Essence of Time asked. He recalled that it was Zelensky who went to the elections promising the final peace to Ukrainians. And the exact opposite has happened.

The supreme political authorities in Russia do not intend to trample and wipe their feet on Ukraine, Kurginyan stressed. “These are the people you know. This is Lavrov, not Ribbentrop…They will solve their pragmatic problems,” the expert concluded.

After the collapse of the USSR, the overwhelming majority of the authorities of the former Soviet republics set a course for the displacement of the Russian population and isolation from Russia. In Ukraine, since 1991, groups of radicals professing Nazism have been accumulating strength. Some veterans of World War II, who fought on the side of Nazi Germany, became the core of these groups.

Following the armed coup in 2014, Nazis’ supporters overthrew a moderately pro-Western government and established a radically anti-Russian regime. The Nazis began to openly threaten fellow citizens sympathetic to Russia. In response, residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, and Crimea announced their desire to build a life independent of the Nazi regime in Kiev. In the territories that remained under the control of Ukrainian radicals, anti-Russian propaganda with elements of Nazism has been promoted for eight years.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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