Czech Republic increases weapons shipment to Kiev regime

28.02.2022, Prague.

A new shipment of weapons from the Czech Republic is being prepared to be sent to Ukraine to support the Kiev regime. The head of the Czech Defense Ministry, Jana Černochová announced this, as reported by the Česká televize television channel on February 27.

According to Černochová, the cost of the new arms shipment to Ukraine will be 400 million crowns. “These are not small arms,” Cernochova added.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala said Ukrainian President Zelensky had requested specific weapons and the Czech Republic had agreed to supply them. “There is a list of things Ukraine needs. All NATO countries have it… …We are able to deliver it in a few hours,” Fiala said.

Earlier it was reported that the Czech Republic had supplied the Kiev regime with 30,150 pistols and several thousand assault rifles and about half a million rounds of ammunition.

A special operation to demilitarize and denationalize Ukraine was launched by the Russian Federation at the request of the People’s Republics of Donbass, which had been under attack by Ukrainian armed formations for eight years, resulting in the deaths of mostly civilians.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the special operation is progressing successfully, a large amount of military equipment has been destroyed, and Ukrainian servicemen have begun to surrender en masse.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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