Expert: Macron presents himself as new EU leader before elections

10.02.2022, Moscow.

The French leader Emmanuel Macron is making himself an image of a new European leader, Director of the Bureau of Military and Political Analysis Aleksandr Mikhaylov said in a commentary to Rossa Primavera News Agency.

“Macron actually claims to become a new leader of united Europe,” Mikhaylov said. He explained that France and Germany are becoming political and economic bridge for Russia to the EU; however, the new German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is not prepared to demonstrate any initiative.

“Scholz remains politically passive so far. He keeps neutral,” Mikhaylov stressed. According to Mikhaylov, the German chancellor has to resolve the Russian gas issue and become EU’s energy hub.

“This is why it is actually not good [for Scholz] to upset relations with any side; instead, for him it is now better to abstain on any issues,” the director of the Bureau of Military and Political Analysis added.

“Macron needs to re-elect in just two months, and now he needs to show the Frenchmen that he is the new leader of Europe, a young and handsome one, after Merkel left,” Mikhaylov said. According to Mikhaylov, the architecture of Macron’s election campaign with an image of EU ruler can be distinguished in his current moves.

Macron offers his voters a double project: the Frenchmen elect Macron for presidency and at the same time they begin to govern EU issues together, the expert explained. He believes that Macron’s visits to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin and to Kiev to the president of Ukraine are in the context of the presidential elections in France.

“Macron shows that he is the only European politician today who can cut the Russian-Ukrainian knot,” Mikhaylov noted. He indicated the friendly style of communication between Putin and Macron as well as the fact that their talks lasted over five hours, which can be a positive sign.

France’s intention to send its troops to Romania should not be a concern for Russia, the expert stressed. France made this decision demonstratively, while rotation of one thousand servicemen to Romania and back is no threat to Russia, but it shows the other Western countries that Paris is in the focus of the issue, too, Mikhaylov concluded.

On February 7, talks of the presidents of Russia and France took place. The meeting of Putin and Macron took place in Moscow, and it lasted over five hours.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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