The West wants to initiate conflict between Moldavia and Russia. Opinion

09.02.2022, Moscow.

The West is trying to push Moldavia to conflict with Russia, former president of Moldavia, Chairman of the Moldavian -Russian Business Union Igor Dodon said on February 8 on the air of the Interview of the Week program on the Moldavia One channel.

“Against whom would we fight, our small Moldavia? I know our level, I am not against army men, they are good guys, but whom could we fight against in view of what we have here? We could not fight against anybody. We are pumped up to be used against someone. And it is clear against whom. The West is pumping us up to use us against Russia,” Dodon said.

They are trying to involve Moldavia in the anti-Russian global agenda. The West is building an anti-Russian alliance, in which Moldavia must not participate, because the republic should remain a neutral country, the ex-president of Moldavia said.

Moldavia should remain friendly to all countries, and it should communicate this position to all its partners, the politician said.

“Do the current authorities have freedom of action to defend their position and national interests? I am not sure they do,” Dodon said.

After Maia Sandu and her team came to power in Moldavia, the republic intensified its interaction with NATO. Also, Moldavia received two lots of weapons from the USA. The Moldavian Defense Ministry does not disclose the type of the cargo received.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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