Expert: Tokayev wants to deal with Nazarbayev without Russians

15.01.2022, Moscow.

The hasty withdrawal of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) forces from Kazakhstan is convenient both for President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and for Russia, Vice President of the Experimental Creative Center Foundation (Kurginyan Center) for scientific work Yury Byaly said on January 14 in comments to Rossa Primavera News Agency.

The expert explained that there are several reasons for Tokayev to benefit from the rapid withdrawal of CSTO forces from Kazakhstan.

“Such a hasty withdrawal of CSTO forces means, first of all, that Tokayev very much does not want his personal showdown with Nazarbayev’s legacy to be perceived in the country as ‘being conducted under the control of Russian bayonets’,” Yury Byaly explained.

He also noted that the withdrawal of the CSTO forces is important for President Tokayev “because he wants to show his own strength and confidence and because he understands that with every additional day of the foreign troops’ stay the thesis about ‘occupation and occupants’ becomes louder.”

The expert noted that for the president of Kazakhstan a correct assessment of his actions by the foreign forces abroad is very important.

“It is important for Tokayev, finally, because he wants to convince Britain, the USA, and Turkey that the political and economic course is unshakable, and that their assets, preferences, as well as religious and political non-profit organizations, will not be touched,” the analyst explained.

Yury Byaly also noted that Russia also benefits from such a rapid withdrawal of its forces from the country.

“It makes no sense for Russia to keep the troops there since the CSTO has demonstrated its force, efficiency, and ‘peacekeeping role’ quite clearly and effectively. It is also useful that, as the crisis has shown, Kazakhstan in general and Tokayev, in particular, are already deeply alien and, moreover, dangerous for Russia,” the expert noted.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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