Analyst: Kazakhstan has to identify rebellious special elements embedded within the core of power

07.01.2022, Moscow.

It is practically impossible to miss the organization of a revolt without special elements embedded within the core of state power, vice-president of the Experimental Creative Center Foundation (Kurginyan Center) for scientific work Yury Byaly said on January 7 in a comment for Rossa Primavera News Agency.

Commenting on the statement of President of Kazakhstan Tokayev – that the government should understand how it missed the preparation of a large-scale rebellion, Yury Byaly noted that “this kind of ‘rebel potential’ cannot be collected, organized and thrown into battle without active external intelligence support – trained militants, command headquarters and special communication facilities (I stress, with disabled Internet).” “It is almost impossible to miss such an organization without special elements, embedded within the core of the state power,” says the analyst.

At the same time, Yury Byaly is skeptical about claims that the riots were caused by internal conflicts between clans.

“Of course, there has always been competition zhuzs [zhuz – represents the territorial and tribal division within the ethnic group of the Kazakhs] and clans in Kazakhstan, and today it is further aggravated by the divergence of ‘big’ economic interests and foreign policy orientations of the clans,” he said. “But this competition can be clearly traced in the current activities of clan leaders, and it is almost impossible to hide it completely – especially at the level of preparing for a revolt.”

The analyst pointed to statements of Mukhtar Ablyazov, a “fugitive” Kazakh banker from Paris, about his readiness to lead a revolt and coup in Kazakhstan. Such statements, according to the expert, are “ridiculous,” despite the headquarters in Kiev actively working for Ablyazov. “The version that it is ‘Nazarbayev’s rebellion against Tokayev,’ I repeat, is almost extremely unconvincing,” Yury Byaly emphasized.

That is why, the analyst says, “Kazakhstan will have to carefully and rigorously investigate when and how such ‘rebellious’ special elements could be created, exist and operate in the core of the state government.”

Yuri Byaly also warned against assumptions that the situation will normalize, despite the fact that there is information from Kazakhstan about the successful localization of the riots. “For now, the rebel has not been completed at all,” the analyst warned.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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