Kurginyan: The creation of a parallel society will be the response to COVID-19

20.11.2021, Moscow.

In response to the global coronavirus hysteria, citizens who now are now staging passionate protests could eventually form a “parallel society”, said philosopher, political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan on November 14 in his analytical program The Meaning of the Game.

“We are talking about religious organizations, of cause. Since there are so many powerful religious organizations in the US, sometimes referred to as ‘sects’, with millions of members, for some reason, I think that their response will be leaning strongly towards forming a parallel society,” believes Kurginyan.

As the most striking example of such a process, the political scientist cites the manifesto and activities of Andrew Torba, who founded a new alt-tech social networking service called Gab in the US.

Torba calls everything that happens – the attack of the globalist US empire. Banks refused to serve his network. What did he do? He has started his own payment system and he is seriously considering to start his own bank,” said Kurginyan.

His actions, moreover, have a fundamental concept – reliance on personal freedom as well as conservative and religious values, emphasized the philosopher. According to Torba, freedom “worth everything” to him.

We are at the crossroads as we are witnessing one of the most radical power grab by the global elite in human history. We can either shut up, put on a mask, take four or more doses of a vaccine (the number is growing) and be treated like cattle, or we can peacefully take a turn and abandon their entire system and make our own way forward into a parallel economy, parallel internet and a parallel society,” quotes Torba’s manifesto the political scientist.

No one can prohibit building parallel societies”, however, it will require effort, strength and energy, which Torba and his associates have plenty of, stresses Kurginyan.

“I’m afraid that it will not be the same for us here. But I want to point out to the fact that this is the key, this is what will determine the fate of humanity. This is my personal point of view,” concluded the philosopher.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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