Kurginyan assesses how vaccine affects COVID-19

12.10.2021, Moscow.

The vaccine does not ease COVID-19 symptoms, said political scientist, the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in the most recent broadcast of the Meaning of the Game program.

“The vaccine does not provide any relief in terms of the severity of the illness,” said the expert.

As a point of reference, Kurginyan uses the official data on morbidity from Israel.

According to official sources, the number of vaccinated among those infected with coronavirus in Israel reaches an average of 58.3% in all age categories.

In the 80–89 age group, 92% of the population are vaccinated. The number of vaccinated among seriously ill patients – 73%, vaccinated among regular patients – 87%.

In the age group 70-79 years, 93% of the population of Israel are vaccinated, among the seriously ill – 77% are vaccinated, among the regular patients – 89% are vaccinated.

Starting from the age group 20-29 years and younger, the number of vaccinated among seriously ill patients is zero, but the number of vaccinated among patients is proportional to the percentage of vaccinations in the age group.

In general, there is a trend for an increasing number of vaccinated among sick and seriously ill patients.

Moreover, revaccinated people get sick as often as vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Statistics show that the vaccine does not help against coronavirus infection.

“We used to think that those who are vaccinated… fully vaccinated are protected,” said Sharon Elroy-Price, Israel’s chief epidemiologist.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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