Russian senator: Coming “green” revolution in EU turns out to be illusion

09.09.2021, Moscow.

Statements that an “energy revolution” is coming on the globe, which will leave oil and gas behind, are based on fantasies, the head of the Commission for Information Policy of the Council of Federation Aleksei Pushkov stressed on September 9 on his Telegram channel.

The senator made this statement after an unprecedented energy price surge in Europe. As of the beginning of September, October futures at the TIF hub in the Netherlands reached almost $662 per 1 thousand cubic meters.

“Speculations about ‘energy revolution,’ rejection of oil and gas, and transition to ‘green’ sources of energy as well of ‘change of global elites’ are energy fantasies, progressist rhetoric, and inflated expectations,” Pushkov stressed.

According to Pushkov, reality is based on manufacturing processes usually linked to the existing sources of energy, first of all, hydrocarbons.

“Even coals, which had been buried as a type of fuel, are now in demand. This reality is very difficult to change. And it will take a lot of time,” the senator said.

“For now, and for a very long period in the future, we will continue to rely on oil and gas,” he concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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