Expert assesses the strengthening of "friendship" between the USA and Ukraine against Russia

02.09.2021, Moscow.

The USA is using Ukraine to fight against Russia, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has become the best tool to strengthen US influence in his country, analyst Mikhail Demurin said, the REGNUM news agency reported on September 2.

Zelensky arrived in Washington on August 31 for an official visit, and on September 1, he had a meeting with US President Joe Biden. Among other topics, the sides discussed “Russian aggression” and the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

The visit of the Ukrainian former comedian was commented by the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, who said that the US and Ukraine are friends not “for themselves” but against Russia. The analyst agreed with his assessment.

“It was for the solution of this task that the entire reception of Vladimir Zelensky in the United States was built: promises on Russian gas transit, agreements in the military sphere, the tone of the discussion of the topic of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, ignoring, at least publicly, the problem of Kiev’s failure to comply with the Minsk agreements on Donbass, promises to continue to support Ukrainian sovereignty and its territorial integrity ‘in the face of Russian aggression’,” the analyst said.

According to Demurin, the focus of relations between Washington and Kiev indicates an intensification of interaction between the two countries, which poses a clear direct threat to Russia’s security.

“It’s too late to regret here, it should be actively counteracted,” Demurin stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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