Dozens of children fall ill because of contaminated water in Syria’s refugee camp under control of USA

08.06.2021, Hasaka.

Contaminated drinking water caused severe intoxication of dozens of children in Al-Hawl refugee camp in the Hasaka province, a Rossa Primavera News Agency’s source in Syria informed on June 8.

“Dozens of children were severely intoxicated and fell ill with diarrhea due to contaminated drinking water in Al-Hawl refugee camp in eastern Hasaka province,” the source informed. No other details of the incident were reported.

Al-Haul camp is one of the largest camps for internally displaced people in Syria. About 67000 people are being held there.

The Kurdish The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria controls the camp. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the camp is under the control of the USA, whose military contingent is on the territory of eastern Syria without permission of the official Syrian authorities.

“The camp continues to have a high crime rate, a lack of food, poor water quality, poor medical care, and the presence of several thousand street children whose parents have died or are missing,” the ministry wrote on April 13 in its report.

Families of ISIL militants (organization banned in Russia) are kept in live in Al-Hawl. In March, the Syrian Democratic Forces conducted a counter-terrorist operation in the camp, during which they arrested about a hundred people involved in the activities of ISIL (organization banned in Russia).

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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