Security Council of Russia explains why the USA has laboratories all around the world

11.05.2021, Moscow.

The United States is creating individual programs for different countries along the Russian borders to develop biologics for military use, First Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Yury Averyanov said in an interview to RIA Novosti on May 11.

Averyanov explained to journalists what are the main tasks of the interdepartmental commission of the Security Council on the creation of a national system of protection against new infections, created by presidential decree in 2020.

The representative of the Security Council said that the Commission will work out measures against new infections and develop technological platforms for the development of new vaccines. Averyanov emphasized that these things can be successfully developed only with the use of interdepartmental and interdisciplinary approach.

The First Deputy Secretary of the Security Council also said that the commission will pay special attention to the risks associated with the US biological laboratories located along the borders of Russia.

Averyanov noted that in recent years NATO has intensified biological research in many countries around the world.

“The United States develops individual work plans for each country based on the needs of national programs to develop biologics, primarily military ones,” Averyanov said.

At the same time, laboratories located near Russia’s borders are of particular concern. Since dangerous pathogens created there can be released into the environment “by mistake”.

According to the media, the US biolaboratories operate in the following former Soviet republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Ukraine. The US officials justify the presence of laboratories in these countries by their concern about storage of pathogens and the possibility of a biological attack on the USA.

According to Igor Nikulin, a biological weapons specialist, the network of US biolaboratories covers our entire southern underbelly.

There are seven such laboratories in Uzbekistan. The general public has no information about their activities. But in 2011, an unknown disease resembling cholera broke out in the country.

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine have transferred their collections of dangerous pathogens to the USA. For example, Azerbaijan transferred 124 samples. This country had an extensive network of biological laboratories from Soviet times, which had passed under the control of the USA. The USA also built a reference laboratory in Baku. The US Department of Defense provided funding for the construction of the laboratory.

There are 15 US laboratories in Ukraine. At the same time, constant outbreaks of serious diseases are being observed in the country.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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