Kurginyan assesses the probability of war in Donbass: The psychos are ready to fight

20.04.2021, Moscow.

There are chances of preventing the frozen conflict in Donbass from escalating into a full-scale war of Ukraine against Russia, but they are extremely small, political analyst and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on April 12 on the Topic program on the Donetsk Union TV channel.

The host of the program asked what the chances of preventing the situation in Donbass from the sliding into a full-scale war by Ukraine against Russia are and what possible options for the development of the situation are.

“The process is instigated to such an extent and the interests are so great that the probability that it can all be stopped is vanishingly small, but it exists. There is always hope,” Sergey Kurginyan says.

The political analyst figuratively compared the people who make decisions in both the USA and Ukraine to the inhabitants of a madhouse. “Of course, it could be that the entire madhouse has prepared to wage war, but then someone pokes himself in the eye with a fork at breakfast for some reason, one has to call an eye doctor, and the war is temporarily canceled,” he suggested, noting that this was not a joke, but “a figurative description of what, in fact, the hope is.”

“But that hope is small. That hope aside, I think it’s all determined. Too many military vehicles have been amassed, too many belligerent statements have been made, and too much is at stake for this not to happen,” Kurginyan stressed.

The political scientist reminded of the existence of US political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski’s school, whose students consider Russia an enemy, and added that alumni of this school are numerous and have great influence on the US Democratic Party.

“Brzezinski has passed away, but his school lives on. They believe that Ukraine is the main thing, that victory in Ukraine is the final victory over Russia. If Russia creates an empire, it can only do so by including certain parts of Ukraine, and if not, the collapse of Russia is imminent,” Kurginyan said.

“They make their bet on this Ukraine as something decisive, so the talk about giving Ukraine to the Russians and so on is nothing but empty talk. They will use their teeth, their claws, whatever, to have Ukraine in the sphere of American influence,” the political scientist stressed.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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