Kurginyan: Russian soul refuses collusion with Mephistopheles

10.04.2021, Moscow.

When end of the history comes, the metaphysics of the will to power is all that remains, and this metaphysics is dominant in the West today, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on April 5 on the Evening with Vladimir Solovyov program on the Russia One channel.

“Humanity has had three major periods. We had a great period of God, when God was the basis for everything, without any doubt on this regard. Then we had a period, quite a short one, of supremacy of the Mind, with the enlightenment, etc.,” the political scientist said.

He added that the period of the Mind was “finished off” by Immanuel Kant who “used antinomy to demonstrate that the Mind is not almighty, and then Gödel and others followed.”

“And then we had, with Gödel and then with Marx, the period of History. History which became everything. In fact, History became God,” Kurginyan said.

The political scientist stressed, that the Russians have not rejected History.

“What is end of History in the West? This means that everything is over, that History is gone. There is no god, no mind, no history. But what do we have then?” the political scientist asked.

According to Kurginyan, we should carefully read German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to understand this. Nietzsche said, “God is dead.” However, this “does not only mean that the civilization of God is over,” Kurginyan stressed.

He believes that the meaning of Nietzsche’s words about the death of the God was revealed by another German philosopher, Martin Heidegger.

“Nietzsche actually said only one thing: when all the metaphysics are over, there is no world without metaphysics, it will not exist. And then the final metaphysics will come. This is the metaphysics of the will to power. And this metaphysics has come to the West,” Kurginyan stressed.

The leader of the Essence of Time movement explained that the current situation was described by German philosopher Oswald Spengler who discussed it as a model of a “Faustian” humanity where Mephistopheles does good deeds and we should seek an agreement with him.

“This is a kind and slightly careless demon serving many good things. It is clear that the Russian soul refuses this sort of collusion,” Sergey Kurginyan concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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