Kurginyan explains why South Ossetian president defends Mormons

12.03.2021, Moscow.

The issue of the Mormons in the President of South Ossetia’s administration turned out to be much bigger than a South Ossetian story, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan said on March 8 in a special issue of his author’s broadcast The Meaning of the Game.

After Kurginyan mentioned Mormons in high government positions in South Ossetia on Vladimir Solovyov’s TV show, responses followed first from the Republic’s Foreign Ministry, and then from President Anatoly Bibilov himself. However, such strange reactions could not have taken place unless there was someone’s specific interest, the political scientist stressed.

He explained that the United Ossetia party that Bibilov established is directly associated with the Russia’s ruling United Russia party. “Then why, instead of the huge Russian ruling party, United Russia, which has an extensive pool of PR experts, did  PR experts of the Rodina (Motherland) party, which is only notorious for its friendship with Lebed and Strelkov, and which has not significant electoral achievements, start defending Bibilov’s interests?” Kurginyan asked.

Also, these PR experts are directly connected with Eurasian Youth Union, a youth structure established in 2005 within an international Eurasian movement led by Aleksandr Dugin.

During the first round of the 1995 Russian presidential elections, Aleksandr Lebed had an impressive result, and he urged the Russian people to vote for Boris Yeltsin in the runoffs. As a result, Lebed received the position of Secretary of the Security Council, as which he signed the shameful Khasavyurt agreements with the radical Islamist regime in Chechnya.

Igor Strelkov, according to Kurginyan, “embraced not only Russia’s usual enemies , but also the degenerate Prosvirnin, who said that June 22 [1941] was a day of vengeance (i.e. the day of the triumph of genuine Russians, such as the SS officer Dirlewanger, who decided to destroy the Soviet regime under the leadership of Adolf Hitler),” and then he deliberately surrendered Donbass to the Ukrainian army.

“Does this contain any Vlasovite or quasi-Vlasovite  component? I’m insisting that it does. But at least I believe that this hypothesis is not groundless,” the political scientist said.

This strange feature in the “defense” of the South Ossetian president can only be accounted for by the fact that “for the supporters of Lebed, Strelkov, and Dugin, the Mormons are not terrible CIA agents, but associates in a great conservative revolution, Black International etc.,” Kurginyan noted. “Then everything fits together, doesn’t it?” he concluded.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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