The West seeks to make Russia convenient and obedient — Russian Foreign Ministry

10.02.2021, Moscow.

Our Western partners seek to make Russia accept dubious interpretations of universal human values conflicting with the Russian cultural tradition, Minister of the Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said on February 10 at a ceremony of laying flowers to the memorial boards commemorating diplomats on Diplomatic Worker Day.

According to Lavrov, as we commemorate our predecessors, we must remember that their experience of selfless service of their Motherland in very different conditions should be actively used today. The minister believes that the current situation on the globe makes this demand more urgent than ever before.

“Any Russia’s attempts to become independent and to defend its right to its own foreign policy and to use the remedies of the international law face increasingly violent counteraction among our Western colleagues, who want us to be obedient and to make us accept very dubious interpretations of universal human values that they follow, which are in conflict with the Russian cultural tradition, and who want Russia to be a convenient territory for the promotion of their interests in security, economy, and public policy,” Lavrov said.

The Russian foreign minister indicated that these West’s attempts to promote its interests in Russia are becoming more and more violent every day. “Our energy, our knowledge, our experience based on our predecessors’ wisdom must be used as much as possible to actively and consistently promote the foreign policy determined by President Putin,” the minister stressed.

The minister reminded that Diplomatic Worker Day is celebrated not only in Russia, but also abroad. “I am sure that these celebrations will help us mobilize all our knowledge and expertise to continue efficient promotion of our country’s interests and justice on the globe,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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