Kurginyan: Distance education kills Man as such

22.01.2021, Moscow.

Distance education is the destruction of Man, political scientist and leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan stated in an interview to Business Online published on January 17.

And it’s not just about the very poor quality of distance education, which concerned experts and parents has long been screaming about, and not just about the harm to the health of children forced to sit for half a day in front of screens.

“I ask every time in such cases, ‘We can, more or less, teach them arithmetic or algebra. But will we teach them nobility, humanity, solidarity, friendship? Are they going to kiss on the computer, too?’ This is no longer Man. Socialization has been ruined,” Kurginyan stressed.

However, despite all objections and protests from citizens, despite the lack of real necessity, distance education is being aggressively implemented. This means that socialization is being deliberately sabotaged.

“And then indeed it turns out that behind all this looms what is called ‘the enemy of humanity.’ For religious people, it is the Antichrist (and this is not Satan) … For the secular person, it is the end of the project of ‘Man,’ the end of the project of ‘Humanism,’ the end of the project of ‘History,'” said the political scientist.

He explained, “The post-human will no longer distinguish between good and evil, he must have no value-oriented core, he must act in digitsinstead of words, he has no abstract thinking. All this disappears, a robot takes the place [of Man]. And so, Hitler’s deeds are child’s play in comparison to what looms on the horizon. And this coronavirus lifts the veil slightly on that future.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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