The Coronavirus as a Mirror for Humanity


January 13, 2021.

In 2020, the world was knocked off balance by the COVID-19 pandemic. Before this happened, it seemed for many of the more fortunate people inhabiting this planet, that life was built on a firm foundation, and that little could happen to disrupt it. Many people probably had very similar thoughts on September 10, 2001.

Striking similarities exist between the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we can plainly see retrospectively, 9/11 served as a catalyst for the transformation not only of American society, but for a global transformation. The sweeping powers that the US government bestowed upon itself under the guise of combating terrorism were unthinkable for the majority of the American public on 9/10. Knocked of balance by fear, the majority of Americans submitted to The US Patriot Act stripping away their privacy and creating the legal foundation for a surveillance state. The egregious use of force throughout the world by the US reached far beyond combating terrorism.

So too, measures introduced under the guise of fighting the spread of infection have shown to reach far beyond the fields of epidemiology and public health. People, again, largely submitted to their respective governments increasing control over their lives. But maybe this was the only way out? Maybe if these measures weren’t taken, the damage would be far greater?

To begin, COVID-19 is a serious public health threat. Moreover, there is a mounting body of evidence pointing to its artificial origin, which is discussed in detail in the analytical seriesCoronavirus: its goals, authors, and masters.” In many ways, the current pandemic can be seen as a dress rehearsal for a full-scale biological war. And the lessons from this dress rehearsal are troubling. The mass hysteria perpetuated by the mainstream media and quarantine measures put in place has succeeded wildly in uprooting national economies, disrupting normal healthcare delivery, thus increasing mortality from leading killers like cancer and heart disease, exacerbating the mental health crisis, disrupting efforts to fight HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in poor countries, and disrupting education systems. However, with the notable exceptions of countries like China, Vietnam, and Cuba, these measures have failed to truly curtail the spread of infection.

Any system can be designed only with one main goal in mind. All other goals are secondary by definition, and subservient to this primary goal. The goal of healthcare in the capitalist world, as has been made utterly clear during this pandemic, is to make money. If while making money, western health care systems manage to alleviate some human suffering and save some lives, then great. But no lives will be saved, and no suffering will be alleviated at the expense of revenue. This leads to the philosophy that “if a hospital bed doesn’t have a patient in it, it is losing money” or “if an operating room doesn’t have an operation being performed, then it’s losing money.”

This philosophy leads to a conscious effort by healthcare administrators to get rid of excess resources, such as any sort of reserve bed capacity or reserve staffing with doctors and nurses. This leads to the impossibility of rapidly increasing inpatient bed capacity and hospital staffing in the event of a disaster.

And it makes something like the old Soviet system of dedicated municipal infectious disease hospitals unthinkable. The Soviet healthcare system, which was not designed to make money, could afford to keep a separate network of hospitals around, which would sit half-empty under normal conditions, but which would spring into action in the event of a major infectious epidemic, making it possible to rapidly isolate the sick, so they would not continue to spread the infection, and they could receive the necessary care.

It is this kind of a system that saved Moscow from the Smallpox outbreak of 1960, which continues to serve as an example of how a disease many times more deadly than COVID-19 can be controlled, and not be allowed to turn into an epidemic, when the government is able and willing to commit resources to saving lives. And countries with a communist legacy and working Soviet-style healthcare systems have, thus far, managed to outpace richer western nations at actually protecting their people.

In the West, COVID-19 has served as an excuse to drum up mass hysteria, and to give major pharmaceutical companies a chance to profit insanely. And it has given governments all over the world the power to tighten control over people’s lives, just like 9/11 did. But not only have governments expanded their reach, and not only Big Pharma has profited. People have been made involuntarily dependent on Big Tech in order to do their jobs, to purchase necessary goods and services, and to educate their children.

If you can call that education. For the virtual classroom robs children of the most important skill we learn in school – to function as a member of society. To build friendships. To get a job done, even with people who aren’t necessarily our friends. To manage inevitable interpersonal conflict constructively, and not allow it to drown everything in chaos. You can’t learn that effectively from a computer screen.

The powers that be have now plainly said, that they intend to make many of the changes, introduced under the guise of fighting the epidemic, a permanent part of our post-COVID lives.

What is curious, though, is that many of these changes were discussed years before this pandemic erupted. And by many of the same people, who discussed the need for a “New Pearl Harbor” to restructure American society and to give the US military and intelligence community the necessary resources to usher in “The New American Century”. By many of the same people who talked about this “New Pearl Harbor” before 9/11. Even before George W. Bush assumed the presidency.

Incidentally, former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s old company, Gilead Sciences, made a killing from marketing its antiviral drug remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19. But this was about far more than profits.

The neoconservatives, to whom Donald Rumsfeld and his crew belong, believe in something called a “transformational event” – a cataclysm that radically disrupts the life people were used to, and makes it possible to utterly change everything, ushering in a “new normal.” They talked about the need for a “New Pearl Harbor” before even following George W. Bush into the White House.

And once they got there, they started talking about a biological “transformational event.” They called it “Red Dawn.” It involved a biological warfare attack, which was supposed to come from China. This attack was to be used as an excuse to implement massive restrictions on people. Similar to what is happening now. The dress rehearsal for such a transformational pandemic was held in October of 2019, it was called “Event 201”. There are no unfounded claims here. The evidence on this matter is meticulously presented in Coronavirus: its goals, authors, and masters.”

These neocons, who themselves draw their lineage from a strange alliance between old American ex-Trotskyists and revenge-minded Nazi lunatics brought over to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip, are working with other like-minded elite groups to transform the world. They intend to turn the current system of transnational capitalism into something worse than just imperialism, and something even more brutal than what happened in Nazi Germany. They want to turn the whole world into one big digital concentration camp.

They want to build this digital concentration camp because they fear and hate human free will. They don’t believe that humans were made in the image and likeness of God, nor do they believe in any secular humanistic version of this concept. They believe in anthropological pessimism. To them human beings are nothing but dangerous and irrational beasts, and these beasts need to be put on a leash, so they dare not bite their masters.

Do you want to be put on a leash? To be locked in a digital concentration camp? To let your masters edit your genome under the guise of protecting you from this or that deadly disease? They can’t quite do that now, but billions of dollars and brilliant minds are being thrown at this problem as we speak. They can’t control you with nanochips or edit your genome under the guise of a vaccine quite yet. But they will certainly be able to do this to your grandchildren. Are you just going to take it laying down? Or are you going to do something about it? Are you a man, or a mouse?

This isn’t a battle that can simply be won by taking to the streets and building barricades. The enemy wants you to do just that. That way he can label you a domestic terrorist and rain down on you with all the fury of the modern police and military.

You must wage a different war. A hybrid war. A war of position. Wage informational and psychological war to counter the lies being propagated by the mass media. Wage a cultural war, fight back against the so-called pop-culture that seeks to turn your children into swine.

Wage a social and economical war, free your community from the chains of transnational capitalism. Find like-minded people and build self-sustaining communities. Provide for each other. Teach your own children yourselves. Build a network of these communities and let your voice be heard. Show the rest of the world that they don’t have to submit to the “new normal.”

Most importantly, wage a conceptual, even a metaphysical war. Without it everything else is useless. The enemy has a vision for the future. A monstrous one, but a vision for the future nonetheless. What do you have? Do you agree with this anthropological pessimism, that humans are just intelligent animals that need to be chained? Or do you believe that Man must be reunited with his human essence? With the image and likeness of God, for those who are religious. That Man has a hidden creative potential, which must be awakened and unleashed.

Technical progress will continue to unfold, this is a given. But can we unleash our true anthropological progress, in overcoming our alienation from our own human essence? Will technology be a chain to subdue the human beast, or will it be a tool in the hands of progressive humanity to do good, to restore order to the universe?

These are not some abstract philosophical musings. These are the weapons you need if you want to win. The enemy has a conceptual plan, a vision for the future. Either you submit to his vision for the future and lose, or you articulate your own.

Your future and the future of your children in your hands. Not in Donald Trump’s hands. Not in Vladimir Putin’s or Xi Jinping’s hands. Your hands. There is no hero to come riding in on a white horse and save you. There is no superman with a cape to fight and win this war for you.

Only a collective social and historical actor can pull this off. Only a broad movement that will unite you and all those, who reject this coming fascist hell. A movement of those, who are willing to do the hard work of waging this hybrid war and building these communities as islands of an alternative life. These communities must spread all over, until THEY become the mainstream. Just like the catacomb church of the first Christians spread throughout the declining Roman Empire, until IT became the mainstream and transformed the empire, which before had persecuted it.

This is the hard work of winning. Either you do it, or no one will. More than a hundred years ago, the October Revolution was brought about by a group of tightly knit and dedicated people, whose slogan was “Workers of the world unite!” The slogan we offer for this fight is “Living people of the world unite!”

Look into the mirror. Are you alive? Then what are you waiting for?


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This article is written by Lev Korovin and first published on the Essence of Time – Europe web site.

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