Expert: Impeachment of Trump is a message to his supporters

12.01.2021, Moscow.

Impeaching Trump in his final days in office and banning him from social media is a message to his supporters, deputy director of the Center of historical examination and state forecast under RUDN University Boris Yakemenko wrote on January 12 on his Telegram channel.

“The end of Trump’s official presidential term is a week away. Why was there such a rush? One cannot help but draw an analogy here with the US and British bombing of Dresden in February 1945 and the US atomic bombing of Japan in August 1945,” the expert said.

He continued that in both cases there were one or two months before the end of the war with Japan and Germany, i.e. neither Dresden nor Hiroshima was of strategic importance. “In other words, the meaning of both actions was that they opened a new period in the history of the confrontation, they were addressed not to the Germans or the Japanese, but to the USSR. It was a preventive measure of intimidation, an attempt to defeat the winners, to hint that ‘you have won – that’s enough, now it is our turn to act’,” Yakemenko said.

In his opinion, it will be the same story with Trump – the message is not to him, but to his supporters, especially to those who are not yet involved in the processes, it is a demonstration of force and power.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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